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Thanks to LG’s all inverter compressor system and high performance cycle design, MULTI V IV delivers fast cooling by operating two compressors simultaneously. In conventional models, inverter compressor and on/off compressor operate only one by one at a time, which taking far longer to reach maximum capacity.

Fast Cooling via Advanced Inverter


The design of canon fan creates more separation between blades and allows for a reduction in the system’s vortex. This increases the total air volume up to 50cmm (m3 per minute), and it also decreases the level of noise by 4dB(A).

Less Noise and Higher Air Volume

Canon Fan


The temperature of PCB should be maintained at proper levels regardless of the rise in outdoor temperature. Self-cooled PCB Protection is a unique system which employs separate pipes to cool the PCB. MULTI V IV is able to minimize the loss of cooling capacity and refrigerant.

  • PCB is cooled by air through heat pipe behind control box
  • Maintain cooling performance regardless of outdoor temperature


MULTI V IV inverter technology and subcooling control circuit technology allows greater piping length and outstanding elevation differences. A cooling system can be implemented more flexibly in a high-rise building or complex facilities, reducing the designer's work time and providing more efficient design.

Expanded Piping Capabilities

Expanded Piping Capabilities


MULTI V IV provides a maximum 40m of height difference between the indoor units without any loss in cooling capacity thanks to the new cycle and compressor technology.

High Elevation Technology

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