Ceiling Concealed Duct

Auto Operation (Neuro Fuzzy Control) 

According to the temperature, air volume and air velocity, the controller will automatically adjust the unit to create the most pleasant atmosphere.

Zero Power Consumption use in standby mode by adopting SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply)

  • Eliminates wasle of electricity stand by mode.
  • Electricity is wasted when an appliance is connected to power outlet, even though the appliance is turned off.
  • Development of a super power saving SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply).
  • Minimal stand by power consumption (reducing 90% of standby power).
  • No need to pull the main power plug when appliance is not in use.

Auto Restart Function

In case of a sudden power failure, this feature will automatically restore the A/C to its previous settings when power returns.

Outdoor Units

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