Ceiling Cassette

There may be a significant difference between the temperature taken at the installed product and indoor temperature. Two thermistor control provides option to control temperatures. With the help of the slide switch at the back of LCD wired remoted controller, selection of the desired thermistor for controlling the unit can be done. One thermistor is in the indoor unit & the other is in the LCD wired remote.

Two Thermistor Control

It controls the temperature of each zone. Opening or closing of the damper is controlled by sensing the temperature of each zone. In the cooling mode, if the temperature of a particular zone is lower than set temperature then the damper is closed.
On the other hand if the temperature of a particular zone is higher than the set temperature, damper is opened to provide cooling to the zone.

Zone Controller

  1. Basic Operation

    • Linking several units, one Central Control unit can manage and turn off several units individually or as a group.

  2. Control Features
    • Each indoor units is connected to a Central Control unit via a data communication cable and can be operated or turned off individually or together with a group of units with the central controller.
    • The Central Control unit can manage up to 8*16 indoor units.

Central Controller

Outdoor Units for Ceiling Cassette

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