Ceiling Suspended

Seasonal Efficiency

New Measurement of air conditioning energy efficiency which is conducted in various environmental conditions

Energy Saving

Optimized Pressure Control

Pressure sensor which is added to the temperature control secures quick cooling & wide operating range

Quick Cooling
Quick Cooling

Shorten Time to Reach Setting Temp.

Pressure Control takes up to 30% less time to reach                       Quick Cooling
the desired temperature with a high level of accuracy and stability.







Wide Operating Range

Continuous Operation Range: -15°C ~ 48°C     Quick Cooling

Reduced Sound Level

BLDC motor and high efficiency indoor fan remove abnormal noise and improve sound quality

Improved Outdoor Fan

The New Axial Fan has thick front edge and smooth rear edge,        Quiet Operation
providing high efficiency with low noise and wide fan, as well as
high air flow rate and increased fan operation.







BLDC Fan Motor

The LG BLDC fan motor offers additional energy saving in     Quiet Operation
operating mode up to 40% at low speed, 20% at high speed compared to AC motor.

Space Saving

18~48KBtu Outdoor Units are lined up with only 1 Fan type.
(54K btu unit is consist of 2 fan type)

Compact Outdoor Unit

1 fan-type of outdoor unit makes you save more space and easier to install

Easy Installation

Easy to Carry

Fitted hand grips for easy transportation and installation  Easy Installation

Compact Size

Ultra slim & compact design not only saves space but,   SRC
also reduces installation cost.
It’s designed to suit most of building designs and fit into space



4 Way Independent Adjustable Vane

It memorizes wind direction setting and always blow optimal wind for various users.SRC
(Individual vane control is available from 20˚~70˚)

* This function is available with wired remote controller (PQRCVSL0Q)



High Ceiling Mode

High ceiling mode provides powerful cooling and heating upSRC
to 4.2m in height, from ceiling floor.








E.S.P : External Static Pressure Control

The BLDC motor can control the fan speed and air volume SRC
regardless of the external static pressure.

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