DYNAMI, was established in 1993 as a small company which offered service in AC (Air Conditioning) and electrical installation for residential. Dynami continued to develop and currently managed to expand our services in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) contractor, and enter retail business with our AC (Air Conditioning) division.

in 1998, DYNAMI made change the management to improve and serve better for Clients and Projects , then DYNAMI made effort to renew the existing divisions and enhance several areas, include: Plumbing, Hydrant, and various others.

Furthermore, DYNAMI added new divisions to enter retail business, especially in maintenance and trading of AC (Air Conditioning), which were focused to retail and wholesale channels. From this business activity, DYNAMI has been trusted as distributor for some famous AC (Air Conditioning) brands.

With hard works, responsibility, sincerity, improving performance in each division and taking good relationship with partners, DYNAMI manages to give best services to every client.

Our business activities include:

  1. Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Designer & Contractor.
  2. Maintenance & Repairing Service.
  3. Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) Trading.

We handle projects as follow:

    1. High Rise Building
    2. Hotel & Apartment
    3. Industry & Commercial
    4. Office & Restaurant
    5. Residential, other projects


We have some divisions in order to deliver our best services toward our respected client:

      This division is specialized in handling Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Plumbing (MEP) projects. It has 3 teams as follow:
      1.1. Tendering Team
      1.2. SYstem Designer Team
      1.3. Project Team

      This division is specialized in handling cooling system. It has 2 teams as follow:
      2.1. Maintenance & Repairing Team
      2.2. Services & Cleaning Team

      It has 2 teams as follow:
      3.1. Marketing & Sales Team form
             a. Unit AC: Retail, Project, Wholesale
             b. Saprepart HVAC
             c. Installation HVAC Material
      3.2. Installation Team

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Surabaya Office

Komplek Surya Inti Permata I Blok B 8-9
Jl. HR. Muhammad Kav. 360-380
Surabaya 60226
Jawa Timur - Indonesia
Tel.: +62-31-7342189 (hunting)
Fax.: +62-31-7342188

Jakarta Office

Rukan Taman Surya 5
Ruko San Marino Palm Paradise Blok A no. 19
Pegadungan - Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta - Indonesia
Tel.: +62-21-29671014 / +62-21-29671024
Fax.: +62-21-29671034

Bali Office

Komplek Sunset Indah II Blok B-3a
Sunset Road, Kuta
Denpasar 80361 - Indonesia
Tel./Fax.: +62-361-751691 (hunting)